as of an order, alphabetically. pr-nounced: a-b-c-dary.
the nominees are (abecedary by article)…

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    b-m f-ck a dead cow; an insult or indication of laziness or confusion. as an insult, “you stupid kn-b! go bfadc.” to indicate laziness, “screw it, i’m just gonna bfadc.” to indicate confusion, “i dunno, bfadc i guess.”

  • Abercrombie Ninja

    a store employee of the clothing brand abercrombie & fitch who is knowledgeable about future clothing items which others have not seen. usually works the overnight/impact shift. they do not disclose their ident-ty. kid 1: hey, have you heard that a&f is releasing a new line of jeans? kid 2: no, i did not. i’ll […]

  • abortstika

    a partially drawn swastika that is turned into a different kind of graffiti by the artist when he thinks he’s going to get caught. this is to lessen the severity of the offense of the graffiti. in other words, an aborted effort to draw a swastika. the teacher caught mark writing on his desk, but […]

  • above my tax bracket

    a high maintenance girl who would require an income level greater than yours to support her lavish lifestyle. they are usually found at clubs with high cover charges and surrounded by fifty guys who all pay for her. two guys catch a hot girl decked out in designer clothing, gucci gl-sses, manolo stilletos, and more […]

  • Octothorpe

    a s-xual position shaped like an actual octothorpe (#) where 4 people lie on the ground and perform oral s-x on each other. two people lie on their backs facing in opposite directions with their arms stretched above their heads, while two other people lie face down on top placing their arms above their heads […]

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