abner is a name for a guy who is intelligent. he knows what he wants and he is very sweet to the girl he likes. he is also a very good looking man and very successful.
i wish i could grow up like abner.
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a name that is used mostly for men. this name can mean intelligent, wise, and a born leader. a person who gets all a’s in school and is liked by all the teachers. a person who keeps to themselves sometimes, but has lots of close friends. i person that loves to laugh, and makes people laugh often. a person who will always be there for their close friends. one who you would go to for help, and advice. those who have this name always has great ideas. everyone loves a abner!
intelligent leader creative advice abner
ancient prophet; author of the missing commandments.
11; “thou shallt not horse-play in the garage”
12: “thou shallt not have fun”
13: “thou love thy cats”
14: “thou shallt pray for feline safety”
boy, it’s boring here, your dad is such an “abner”.
a typical name for a cotton picking slave who enjoys working for hours in the hot sun of a georgia plantation. often times people with this name are very h-m-s-xual and enjoy having erect p-n-ses in their b-tts. the common hairstyle for these men are dreads or twists.
white man: how is the cotton today?
abner: basketball

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