repugnantly hateful; detestable; loathsome:
an abominable crime.
very unpleasant; disagreeable:
the weather was abominable last week.
very bad, poor, or inferior:
they have abominable taste in clothes.
historical examples

it is abominably french, though france is pleasant in its own place.
poor folk in spain jan gordon

“i hear that he was abominably rude to the baron the other day,” said madame sella.
the eternal city hall caine

we accordingly ascended to him, and having done so made our way towards a door at the end of the abominably dirty landing.
a bid for fortune guy boothby

you have been abominably treated and you accept it with a smile.
the paliser case edgar saltus

the durion is remarkable for its combination of an absolutely delicious flavor and an abominably offensive odor.
fruits of the hawaiian islands gerrit parmile wilder

you know why she hates me, and understand why she treats me so abominably?
the love affairs of an old maid lilian bell

he became for a time the lover of nana, but treated her so abominably that she left him.
a zola dictionary j. g. patterson

he had married her for her money, and treated her abominably.
the crooked house brandon fleming

“austin, you’ve no right to call a young lady a brute; it’s abominably rude of you,” said aunt charlotte severely.
austin and his friends frederic h. balfour

it was all true that you said about me, all abominably true.
tristram of blent anthony hope

offensive; loathsome; detestable
(informal) very bad, unpleasant, or inferior: abominable weather, abominable workmanship

mid-14c., from old french abominable (12c.) and directly from late latin abominabilis “deserving abhorrence,” from stem of latin abominari “deplore as an evil omen” (see abomination). sometimes misdivided in earlier centuries as a bominable. also often abhominable 14c.-17c. related: abominably.

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