one of the native peoples of australia, the other being torres straight islanders.
before europeans came to australia there were hundreds of different tribes and languages. many were killed and few traditional languages remain.
the aborginials have been in australia for 50,000 years.
the dark skinned race dwelling in australia. usually found living in government owned properities. this race has very characteristic features, they have black skin, ape like appearance, extremly lazy and stink. they refuss to work and expect government handouts to survive (which they spend on alcohol, thus needing government owned properties). they claim to be subjected to racism, whilst referring to european origined people as “white c-nts”
aboriginals = bag of sh-t
black people in australia that are too lazy to get jobs and constantly force the government to give them an apology for nothing.
aboriginal in redfern-holla for a dolla
referring to the native peoples of any land, though popular usage usually refers to the native people of australia.

the word is derived from the latin phrase “ab origene,” literally meaning “from the origin.”

a person of aboriginal descent is an aborigene, or an “abo” if you like.
yank: my aussie friend here tells me this aboriginal instrument is made from the branch of a hollow tree!

lecturer: the aboriginals of the americas are often referred to as “indians,” because the first european explorers mistakenly believed they had arrived in the indies.

filthy black humans who inhabit australia, abuse drugs and alcohol, sniff petrol and any other chemical they can get their hands on.

thieving anything they can carry, and bash and rob old people or those who can’t defend themselves.

they hang around outside bottle shops and the tab like parasites, waiting for an opportunity to ask people for money, mug someone and take their grog, or break into the cars in the carpark.

they do not work, they don’t need to as the government give them money every fortnight for doing nothing. thy’re not required to look for work, because thy’re fkn special. who would employ the smelly pr-cks anyway ?

when they get arrested, aboriginal affairs steps in and gets them off.

they are paid extra payments if they send their children to school. these payments are an incentive to keep the little black sh-ts in cl-ss.

they are provided free cab rides to school. no white people are ent-tled to any of these benefits, yet the aboriginal claims that it’s the white man who is racist ?

they whinge and whine that the whites have caused them to lose their culture, yet if they don’t get their dole payments, and white mans grog every week, all h-ll would break loose. they are given housing, and destroy it a week after they move in. after a week they have at least 15 other family members living in the house. after that comes the fighting in the street. names they call white people include “white c-nt” and “whitey”.
aboriginal, filth, parasite, bra, brudda, useless, dirty, stink, body odour, abo, illiterate, dumb, stupid, n-gg-r, unemployed, drunk, drugs, abuser
native inhabitants of australia, aborigines have a quite uncouth and foul appearance and an unbeleivably bad personality, they tend to drink excessive amounts of alcohol and they use various drugs such as cocaine for thier own “benefit” thier welfare money they spend on cigarettes and alcohol, if any shop keeper would let them in, have an odour that would knock out a white man in a matter of seconds, they use slang such as “bra” “c-nt” and some typical abo greetings such as “what c-nt?” “f-ck you bra” “what bra?” it is no wonder they lost to the settlers in the first place
little white kid (talks to father) “whats that brown thing in the toilet?

father “its an aboriginal, son”
a race of people that lived in australia before england came and took australi and turned it into a civilisation.
now all this race does is sit on their fat black -sses and claim benefits and drink alcohol, sniff and drink petrol, drink methoylated spirits, sniff cheaper alternatives to petrol such as lead pased paint, paint thinners, glue etc etc. laws should be introduced to stop this race breeing as they r all oxygen wasters.
white kid: mommy whats that man doing?
white mother:he’s just aboriginal.
white kid:ok.

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