a person who is too savage for life
“hey can you please give me a pencil”

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  • patch of grass

    when somebody (usually girls) do not shave their legs and decide to wear ripped jeans with a big rip, so their leg hair shows. becky:should i wear these ripped jeans, even though i haven’t shaved in weeks? vicky: well, if you want your patch of gr-ss to show

  • ghost flop

    when you’ve been methed out for too long and drink too much. brings flopping to a whole new level and you don’t remember any of it. did she just drink a half gallon of moonshine after she’s been up for 12 days? oh lord, here comes the ghost flop. when you’ve been methed out for […]

  • charles daniel

    charles daniel is the driest motherf-cker you’ll ever meet. dryer than fatf-ck sloth (aka martin) . “omg!!! mom look that guy is charles daniel as f-ck!! 🙁 ” “holy sh-t !!? what the f-ck??!? is his dad half sandpaper? this is crazy!!? he looks charles daniel!!” charles daniel is the driest motherf-cker you’ll ever meet. […]

  • cloud fucked

    when anthony weiner’s emails get synced from the cloud and you lose a presidential election because of it wow, i was going to be president, until i got cloud f-cked.

  • moronnial

    a stupid millennial….kinda self explanatory that moronnial only thinks david bowie was that professional catwalk, male model referee from zoolander.

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