an -sshole
that guy is such an aboula

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  • yafp

    abbreviation: you’re a f-cking pimp. commonly used in lieu of “thank you” for friends, bros, or pimps. also used to bestow praise example 1 blake: hey jordan, i bought you a beer jordan: yafp example 2 jordan: i got that girls number at the bar and we’re going out on tuesday blake: yafp

  • groofmeh

    a groofmeh is what you call a stupid person because the word doesn’t even make sense. (groo-fah-may) ” bro did you see that chicks booty ?” “it’s chill but she’s totally a groofmeh.”

  • forebear

    the feeling you get when on acid where you want to dock with you jewish russian friends. “when i was tripping i so wanted to forebear”

  • Joke Diarrhea

    a phenomenon in which 1 or more people go on a spree of unintentionally telling really bad jokes or implementing poor humor into their conversation within a period of time. guy 1: what does a nosey pepper do? guy 2: what? guy 1: it get’s jalapeno business guy 2: that is possibly the sh-ttiest joke […]

  • counter-giest

    when someone tries to screw you over but you screw them over instead haha, i counter-giested you

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