in open sight; without tricks, concealment, or disguise:
their actions are open and aboveboard.
historical examples

he knows that he’s followed, all right, and he’s cagy enough to keep in the open and pretend to be aboveboard.
on secret service william nelson taft

they were things that didn’t seem—what you would call square and aboveboard.
fair harbor joseph crosby lincoln

“since things are aboveboard—listen here,” said greenfield with sudden seriousness.
murder in any degree owen johnson

fundamental bent toward what is clean, manly and aboveboard!
face to face with kaiserism james w. gerard

and for the first time the knight was conscious of a curious feeling that all was not square and aboveboard in this castle.
the man upstairs p. g. wodehouse

i like the youth who is open and aboveboard, who says what he means and who is frank and fearless.
motor matt’s clue stanley r. matthews

and you’ll give me credit for being fair and aboveboard with you.
the real man francis lynde

everything open and aboveboard, say i,—there’s no occasion for mystery.
the wizard of west penwith william bentinck forfar

the underhand scheme ran counter to the aboveboard principles of the scout law which he had sworn to obey; of that he felt sure.
a scout of to-day isabel hornibrook

all this is fair and aboveboard and individual and progressive.
principles of political economy arthur latham perry


1610s, from above and board (n.1). “a figurative expression borrowed from gamesters, who, when they put their hands under the table, are changing their cards.” [johnson]
see: open and aboveboard

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