a shelter, especially a dugout.
archaeology. a rock shelter formed by the overhang of a cliff and often containing prehistoric occupation deposits.
historical examples

captain robbins ordered everyone into the abris till the sh-lling ceased.
battery e in france frederic r. kilner

it was a warning to all to seek the comparative safety of the abris which the town had constructed against just such an emergency.
aces up covington clarke

uncle abris once more grew pale, and retreating into the parlour, came out with a gl-ss about as large as a thimble.
hungarian sketches in peace and war mr jkai

the americans turned and ran up the road to one of these abris, the big man leading.
friends of france various

the chief work was digging the abris and carrying up beams and concrete blocks from the road for their construction.
battery e in france frederic r. kilner

the streets were filling with people, crowding into the vavin mtro station opposite and looking for the houses that were abris.
paris vistas helen davenport gibbons

next beyond the abris was the latrine from which a puff of wind brought now and then a nauseous stench.
one man’s initiation–1917 john dos p-ssos

dry, well ventilated “abris” or bomb shelters have been built in connection with each section of the hospital.
current history, vol. viii, no. 3, june 1918 various

as soon as a lull in the firing permitted, we ran across the street to the abris.
world’s war events, volume iii various

a shelter or place of refuge, esp in wartime

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