Absent without leave

historical examples

the one is under arrest for drunkenness, and the other has been “absent without leave.”
diary of an enlisted man lawrence van alstyne

“she has no business to be absent without leave,” said sabina.
a rock in the baltic robert barr

the sergeant came back, looking woe-begone, and lawrence was published on the bulletin board as “absent without leave.”
betty at fort blizzard molly elliot seawell

what was it to me whether or not he was absent without leave?
a night on the borders of the black forest amelia b. edwards

he called the roll of his battalion and found that four hundred and fifty men were absent without leave.
the great war as i saw it frederick george scott

colonel morgan o’shea, absent without leave for having shot his father-in-law.
diary and notes of horace templeton, esq. charles james lever

what was it to me whether or no he was absent without leave?
great ghost stories various

three officers are absent without leave, and gorton was sent to round them up.
diary of an enlisted man lawrence van alstyne

another was left behind at boulogne, absent without leave, thinking we should unload, and the train went off for havre.
diary of a nursing sister on the western front, 1914-1915 anonymous

the next day he was reported “absent without leave,” and was hurrying to his home.
the women of the confederacy j. l. underwood

(military) the full form of awol
away without permission or explanation, as in her daughter went to the mall but got in trouble for being absent without leave. the term and its acronym, awol, originated in the american military during world war i for soldiers absent from duty without permission (leave). it later was transferred to civilian situations, as in john didn’t just cut his tuesday cl-sses; he went awol.

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