Absentee Fan

an absentee fan is someone who claims to be a huge fan of a sport and/or a team. this person will own a ton of apparel for said sport/team, and watch sportscenter for highlights of that sport/team often. however, this person will never, ever watch actual games of said sport/team, and they will never be emotionally affected by the outcome of that sport/team.

one person may be an absentee fan of multiple sports and multiple teams.
john: hey steve, we are all going to watch the yankees alds game at rick’s house tonight, do you want to come?

steve: sorry man, i wanted to catch up on some cleaning tonight. maybe next time. i’ll just watch the highlights on sportscenter. i hope the yankees win though.

rick (after steve leaves): don’t worry john, steve is just an absentee fan.

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