when something is so absolute that the extra emphasis of a cuss word is needed.
friend: hey. are you ready to party tomorrow night?
you: absod-mnlutely!

Read Also:

  • absolute bollocks

    an expression of disbelief or disagreement you drank three bottles of vodka? absolute b-ll-cks!

  • Aburdaham

    s-xually har-ss beautiful women. he so aburdahamed that sl-t

  • ace a deuce

    oooh that’s hot. friend: got 2 expensive tickets for the price of one. your reply: ace a deuce

  • Aceness

    adjective meaning very good, awesome, well above par and so on. most commonly used by rowers who eat far to much sugar and get high on surgical spirit sh-t bunny you’re aceness. i dont’t know if thats me or the surgical spirit talking.

  • a charles bronson

    a charles bronson is when you preform oral s-x with a female and after words you upper lip smells like straight dooks, because that hoe wipes from the front when she p–ps “d-mn that b-tch left me with a charles bronson”

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