meaning absolutely, but with meaning. 🙂
do you want to go to the movies?

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an expression used to convey supreme agreement.
mary: pizza hut has the best pizza ever.
carrie: absof-ckinglutely.
absolutely, with bells on! has to be said with emphasis.
the ud is abso-f-cking-lutely the best slang dictionary on the net!
comes from the first episode of s-x & the city.

a combination of the expressions “absolutely” and “f-ck yeah” (absof-ckinglutely) that means a very firmative yes
carrie asks mr. big if he’s ever been in love and he says “absof-ckinglutely.”

big often used this term.
you can use this word to express the same of ‘without doubt’.
– is it true?
– absof-ckinglutely!!!
something is so right, its crazy.
absof-ckinglutely i blew and flew.
to strongly confirm.
friend: hey i’m having a party this weekend, you coming?

me: absof-ckinglutely!!

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