(n.) the morbid fear of running out of toilet paper. from the greek, literally “absence of paper for hygiene purposes, fear of.”

an abnormal and persistent concern about the possibility of being without toilet paper at the vital moment. highly variable in severity, can range from merely acc-mulating and storing excessive supplies of toilet paper to at the most extreme end, a need to stock up “just in case” every time the person goes past a shop, even though the house is already full of the stuff.

milder forms of toilet paper anxiety not fulfilling criteria for the full-blown disorder include obsessions with whether the paper comes off the roll from the top or underneath, and changing rolls around when they are on the “wrong” way.

(adj) acartohygieiophobic
my acartohygieiophobia is playing up today – had to buy a super saver pack of 24 rolls again.

she’s acartohygieiophobic – did you see her checking out all the rolls in the stalls before choosing one?

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