to yearn for something
i ache for some loving tonight.

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  • Acne Whore

    someone with bad acne. go away damien, you acne wh-r-.

  • A Cock Of Seagulls

    a gentleman with an overabundance of pubic hair so voluminous that it can be styled into 80’s new wave hairstyles. “i’m gonna dump pete. i saw him naked and the hairy b-st-rd has a c-ck of seagulls! i ran, i ran so far away – just to get away.”

  • acquaintancezone

    where you relegate people whose uninteresting posts clog up your social media feeds because they’re in your “friends” circle. “after about her 20th post this week bragging about her workout routine and the different health shakes she’s trying, i had to put her in the acquaintancezone.”

  • Acquired Pretentious Syndrome (APS)

    when cultural change breeds chronic displays of ostentation. usually occurs when a person from humble beginnings inserts his/her self into a more high-brow lifestyle. the moment ginny sue moved from hicksville to new york city, she developed the worst case of acquired pretentious syndrome (aps) i’ve ever seen.

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