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contemporary examples

harry will be given ten days to acclimatise to his surroundings, after which he will start co-piloting the helicopters.
party’s over, harry! tom sykes september 6, 2012

historical examples

i am aware that the attempt to acclimatise either animals or plants has been called a vain chimra.
the variation of animals and plants under domestication, volume ii (of 2) charles darwin

m. py told me he had tried to acclimatise the quail—in vain.
south america to-day georges clemenceau

it is occasionally possible to acclimatise a foreign custom.
no thoroughfare charles d-ckens and wilkie collins

with other immigrant nationalities, hope lies with the younger generation; but these acclimatise immediately.
letters from america rupert brooke

his previous experience on the rivers had done much to acclimatise him, and his health continued good.
on the irrawaddy g. a. henty

if he may be regarded as an attempt to acclimatise on earth the priesthood of personal greatness, the attempt was a failure.
the expositor’s bible: the epistle to the hebrews thomas charles edwards

for this reason i have not attempted to acclimatise the word “pollution” in this country.
the s-xual life of the child albert moll

we also had to acclimatise the new draft who felt the heat and heavy going very exhausting, and, to begin with, had to go easy.
the fife and forfar yeomanry d. d. ogilvie

acacia pycnantha has been grown in cyprus, but does not acclimatise well, and neither the soil nor climate seems favourable.
notes on agriculture in cyprus and its products william bevan

to adapt or become accustomed to a new climate or environment

1836; see acclimate + -ize; a more recent formation than acclimate and replacing it in many uses. related: acclimatized; acclimatizing.

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