accutane a.k.a isotretinoin, is a medication used to treat severe acne and other skins conditions. it’s derived from vitamin a and it essentially disables all the cells in your body that create oil. while this stops acne, it causes other problems such as extremely dried lips and in rare cases, alopecia. it does not cause depression and/or suicide as many seem to believe. congressman bart stupak, a total douche bag if you look as his picture, had his son commit suicide because his father never had time to ever be with him. since politcians always love to point the blame, stupak blamed accutane and launched a crusade to get it off the market. it’s always easier to blame skin medication than the regiment of anti-depressents your son was on due to your poor parenting.
i had acne all over my face before i took accutane
a medience for helping your acne. it’s pretty much just a big giant dose of vitamin a. however, women shouldn’t take it while pregnat unless you want a chernoybl baby on your hands.
suzy took accutane while f-ck-ng john, he baby came out a horrible horrible mess. these are the dangers of accutane…

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