the name originally of a narrow strip of territory in greece, on the north-west of the peloponnesus. subsequently it was applied by the romans to the whole peloponnesus, now called the morea, and the south of greece. it was then one of the two provinces (macedonia being the other) into which they divided the country when it fell under their dominion. it is in this latter enlarged meaning that the name is always used in the new testament (acts 18:12, 27; 19:21; rom. 15: 26; 16:5, etc.). it was at the time when luke wrote the acts of the apostles under the proconsular form of government; hence the appropriate t-tle given to gallio as the “deputy,” i.e., proconsul, of achaia (acts 18:12).

historical examples

in achaia cases occurred in which a single city was allowed to deal separately with foreign powers.
american political ideas viewed from the standpoint of universal history john fiske

and to the west by south of corinth is the land of achaia, near the mediterranean.
the discovery of muscovy richard hakluyt

it was divided into two provinces, macedonia and achaia, both belonging to the jurisdiction of the senate and the people.
a smaller history of rome william smith and eugene lawrence

he was at last crucified at patræ, in achaia, and some say it was on an olive tree.
curiosities of christian history croake james

he was king over argolis, corinth, achaia, and many islands.
the browning cyclopdia edward berdoe

for, at that rate, there were one thousand two hundred in achaia.
history of rome, vol iii t-tus livius

an other gentleman of achaia asked hir what he shoulde doe to a woman, whom he suspected that she had falsified hir fayth.
the palace of pleasure william painter

thessalonica in macedonia and corinth in achaia are other examples of the kind.
the last reformation f. g. [frederick george] smith

achaia with elis now forms a nomarchy of the kingdom of greece.
the new gresham encyclopedia. vol. 1 part 1 various

the empire of mykn, the democracy of athens, the league of achaia, are all things of the past.
the chief periods of european history edward a. freeman

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