(in the aeneid) the faithful companion and friend of aeneas.
a faithful friend or companion.
historical examples

but in the meanwhile mnestheus and achates and iulus led æneas to the camp, leaning on his spear.
the children’s hour, volume 3 (of 10) various

achates, hasting on his message, bent his way towards the ships.
the aeneid of virgil virgil

and now, obedient to her words, cupid went merrily in achates’ guiding, with the royal gifts for the tyrians.
the aeneid of virgil virgil

health and greeting, my achates, in this veritable spring month.
george eliot’s life, vol. i (of 3) george eliot

alan’s achates at once thought of that probability, or of revenge in some form.
the celtic magazine, vol. 1, no. 3, january 1876 various

perhaps he felt the want of a sort of fidus’ achates to confide in.
confessions of an opera singer kathleen howard

then neas departed from the cave, and achates went with him, and much they wondered who it might be that was dead.
stories of the old world alfred john church

that of monzaida, the friend of gama, is much superior to that of achates.
the lusiad lus de cames

achates to conyngham: what time do you propose leaving with french convoy to-night?
the victory at sea william sowden sims

reflections occasioned by the late disturbances in charleston, by achates.
black rebellion thomas wentworth higginson

(cl-ssical myth) aeneas’ faithful companion in virgil’s aeneid
a loyal friend

armor-bearer and faithful friend of aeneas in the “aeneid,” hence sometimes used figuratively for “faithful friend.” the name is from greek akhates “agate” (see agate).

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