deutsche (german) word for “warning” or “alert”.
“achtung, achtung! der amerikaner blah blah blah……i still have yet to master deutsche. -_- ”
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achtung is undoutably the coolest word in the german language. it can be used in so many different ways and sounds cool.

achtung baby.

achtung with the batton! (befor hitting someone)

achtung sh-t-head.

ach-f-cking-tung! (if you are realy p-ssed-off at someone and you are warning then of a possible near future atack, or if you are about to urt them.)
1. a german word, meaning “caution”, “attention”, or “watch out”

2. something you can yell at someone before you club a golf ball.
like “fore”
1. achtung, motherf-cker

2. golfer: achtuuunng!

guy on the green: heh?

golfer: sorry, shoulda said fore.
a german word commonly used by americans (i.e. u2). translates roughly to “attention!”
achtung baby would probably mean something like “check this out baby” to an english speaker.
the only german word english speakers know.
-an american doing a german impression
ein deutsche wort, das warning bedeutet. es wird vorbei amerikaner verwendet, die deutsch sprechen wollen, aber kann nicht für mehrere begründungen von mildernder umstände.
achtung mein herr! der papsttöter hat nicht doch verfing.
the sound of hocking, and then aiming the hock to perfectly hit the rim of the spitoon to make the “-tung!!” sound. it made everyone pay attention, hence its other, more common definition. alleged to be the first word in the german language, on which all other words are based.
acccccccccchhhhh-splat!!!! dammit, let me try again … don’t slip on that …
acccccccccchhhhh-tungggg!!!! there ya go!

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