Acquired behaviour

(psychol) the behaviour of an organism resulting from the effects of the environment

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  • Acquired character

    a noninheritable character that results from certain environmental influences. historical examples the writer is not aware that there is at present on record a single adequate proof of the heredity of an acquired character. the organism as a whole jacques loeb music, like language, is also an acquired character, and it is probably not transmitted. […]

  • Acquired characteristic

    noun a characteristic of an organism that results from increased use or disuse of an organ or the effects of the environment and cannot be inherited see also lamarckism historical examples they acquired characteristic modes of speaking, of thinking. stage-coach and tavern days alice morse earle “an acquired characteristic, i -ssure you,” said temple, remembering […]

  • Acquired drive

    noun (psychol) a drive, like the desire for money, that has not been inherited but is learned, presumably because it leads to the satisfaction of innate drives acquired drive n. see secondary drive.

  • Acquired epileptic aphasia

    acquired epileptic aphasia acquired epileptic aphasia n. see landau-kleffner syndrome.

  • Acquired fanconi's syndrome

    acquired fanconi’s syndrome acquired fanconi’s syndrome n. a complex of defects in the functioning of renal tubules -ssociated with multiple myeloma or trauma.

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