Acromial process

acromial process

acromial process n.
see acromion.
historical examples

in the theromorpha it has an acromial process with which the precoracoid articulates, and it is very large in dinosauria.
the vertebrate skeleton sidney h. reynolds

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  • Acromicria

    abnormal smallness of the head and extremities.

  • Acromioclavicular

    acromioclavicular acromioclavicular a·cro·mi·o·cla·vic·u·lar (ə-krō’mē-ō-klə-vĭk’yə-lər) adj. of or relating to the acromion and the clavicle. of or relating to the articulation between the clavicle and the scapula and its ligaments.

  • Acromiocoracoid

    acromiocoracoid acromiocoracoid a·cro·mi·o·cor·a·coid (ə-krō’mē-ō-kôr’ə-koid’) adj. relating to the acromion and the coracoid process.

  • Acromiohumeral

    acromiohumeral acromiohumeral a·cro·mi·o·hu·mer·al (ə-krō’mē-ō-hyōō’mər-əl) adj. of or relating to the acromion and the humerus.

  • Acromioscapular

    acromioscapular acromioscapular a·cro·mi·o·scap·u·lar (ə-krō’mē-ō-skāp’yə-lər) adj. of or relating to both the acromion and the scapula.

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