american college of utilization review physicians

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  • Acus

    surgery. a needle, especially one used in a surgical operation. (def 1). historical examples for acus with an aspiration nor without is no word of the countrey. the princ-p-l navigations, voyages, traffiques, and discoveries of the english nation, volume xiv (of 16) richard hakluyt amongst these is the roman fibula, which instead of being made […]

  • Acusector

    a needle for cutting tissue by means of a high-frequency electric current.

  • Acutance

    a measure of the sharpness with which a film can reproduce the edge of an object. noun a physical rather than subjective measure of the sharpness of a photographic image

  • Acute

    sharp or severe in effect; intense: acute sorrow; an acute pain. extremely great or serious; crucial; critical: an acute shortage of oil. (of disease) brief and severe (opposed to ). sharp or penetrating in intellect, insight, or perception: an acute observer. extremely sensitive even to slight details or impressions: acute eyesight. sharp at the end; […]

  • Acute abdomen

    acute abdomen acute abdomen n. a serious condition within the abdomen characterized by sudden onset, pain, tenderness, and muscular rigidity, and usually requiring emergency surgery. also called surgical abdomen.

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