acronym for attention deficit dj. anyone who plays a new song before the song playing is finished. most of the time the addj is using an ipod.
“let the song play! don’t be an addj!”
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a dj that appears to suffer from add due to his/her inability to allow any single song to play for more than 30 seconds.
dude, this song rules! (15 seconds later…..) what the f-ck? what happened to the second verse? d-mn addj!

oh christ, looks like we got another addj in this club.

are you serious? this addj is playing an ac/dc medley?
noun – a person who has add and keeps changing the music that everyone is listening to after listening to 30 seconds of the song.
guy 1: hey i love this song!

guy 2: me too…next!

guy 1: d-mnit i was listening to that!… ok i like this song keep it…

guy 2: me too…next!

guy 1: g-dd-mnit you addj! stop changing good songs!

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