a device or unit added to equipment or a construction:
an add-on to a computer; a nice add-on to an old house.
an extra charge:
add-ons for taxes and tour guide fees boosted the price of the vacation to $2,500.
an additional item, as a rider or provision:
this is just another legislative add-on.
anything added on:
a hi-fi system that can be augmented with add-ons like extra speakers.
being installed or provided as an add-on:
an add-on speaker system.
a feature that can be added to a standard model or package to give increased benefits

“additional component,” 1941, from add (v.) + on.

low, one of the persons named in neh. 7:61 who could not “shew their father’s house” on the return from captivity. this, with similar instances (ver. 63), indicates the importance the jews attached to their genealogies.

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