usually, adenoids. an enlarged m-ss of lymphoid tissue in the upper pharynx, often obstructing breathing through the nasal p-ssages.
of or relating to the lymph glands.
of or relating to the adenoids.
historical examples

the diet may be at fault; adenoids are supposed by some physicians to be the cause.
the eugenic marriage, volume iv. (of iv.) grant hague

croup is most frequently -ssociated with large tonsils and adenoids.
the eugenic marriage, volume iv. (of iv.) grant hague

note if the child is a mouth-breather, or gives other signs of adenoids or enlarged tonsils.
degeneracy eugene s. talbot

the presence of adenoids favors the development of ear complications.
the eugenic marriage, volume iv. (of iv.) grant hague

children who have adenoids invariably suffer from chronic “head-colds” with a discharge from the nose.
the eugenic marriage, volume iv. (of iv.) grant hague

the adenoids can be easily demonstrated to either exist or be absent.
the eugenic marriage, volume iv. (of iv.) grant hague

surgery was active, though the days of appendicitis and adenoids were still a long way off.
mr. punch’s history of modern england vol. ii (of iv),–1857-1874 charles l. graves

fully two-thirds of these can be traced to the direct influence of the adenoids.
preventable diseases woods hutchinson

she thought i had adenoids and i thought she dislikt me too much, but it turned out not.
turn about eleanor ethel m. kelley

therefore sore eyes are given as one of the indexes of adenoids.
civics and health william h. allen

plural noun
a m-ss of lymphoid tissue at the back of the throat behind the uvula: when enlarged it often restricts nasal breathing, esp in young children technical name pharyngeal tonsil
of or resembling a gland
of or relating to lymphoid tissue, as that found in the lymph nodes, spleen, tonsils, etc
of or relating to the adenoids

1839, “gland-like,” medical latin adenoideus, from greek adenoeides, from aden (genitive adenos) “gland” (see inguinal) + eidos “form” (see -oid). adenoids “adenoid growths” attested by 1862.

adenoid ad·e·noid (ād’n-oid’)

a lymphoid tissue growth located at the back of the nose in the upper part of the throat that when swollen may obstruct normal breathing and make speech difficult.

adenoids hypertrophy of the pharyngeal tonsil resulting from chronic inflammation.

of, relating to, or resembling lymphatic glands or lymphatic’e·noi’dal (ād’n-oid’l) adj.
the small m-ss of lymphoid tissue located at the back of the nasal cavity. swelling of the adenoids can block breathing through the nose.
adenoids [(ad-n-oydz, ad-noydz)]

two m-sses of tissue at the junction of the nose and throat, which, like the tonsils, function in the lymphatic system. they help filter out harmful microorganisms that can cause infection. continually swollen adenoids may interfere with breathing and affect speech.

note: adenoids are sometimes surgically removed along with the tonsils if they are persistently inflamed (see inflammation).

note: swollen adenoids give a distinctive nasal sound to the voice.

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