a thessalian king, one of the argonauts and husband of alcestis.
historical examples

this admetus did; and in this chariot he drove her back to his own kingdom of pheræ, where he made her his queen.
g-ds and heroes r. e. francillon

it is one thing that apollo should be employed by admetus, although he is a god.
what i saw in america g. k. chesterton

by the aid of his divine herdsman, admetus accomplished this difficult task, and gained his bride.
myths and legends of ancient greece and rome e.m. berens

last of them all came the son of admetus, dragging his chariot and driving his horses on in front.
the iliad homer

outside in the great hall admetus sat with his head upon his hands, weeping for his wife, and cursing the bitterness of his fate.
children of the dawn elsie finnimore buckley

dost thou love this maiden with all thy heart and soul, admetus?
children of the dawn elsie finnimore buckley

just in time admetus drew back, or they would have squeezed the life from her.
children of the dawn elsie finnimore buckley

like one changed to marble admetus stood and watched him go.
children of the dawn elsie finnimore buckley

from the place where admetus lived it was only a few miles to iolcus, a rich city by the sea.
old greek stories james baldwin

the voice of man’s reason is to them as the baying of jackals in the wilderness, admetus.
children of the dawn elsie finnimore buckley

(greek myth) a king of thessaly, one of the argonauts, who was married to alcestis

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