worthy of ; inspiring approval, reverence, or affection.
excellent; first-rate.
contemporary examples

mulligan and timberlake may be stars, but the coens leave them admirably unbuffed.
why no oscar love for ‘inside llewyn davis’? tim teeman january 19, 2014

twelve days later he admirably fulfilled his enforcer role when he badly beat opposing player david koci.
derek boogaard: the player hockey hooked by feeding him painkillers buzz bissinger june 6, 2012

some are admirably well-tempered, except when they have had too much to drink.
guns are dangerous, even when used by good men david frum april 28, 2013

their slickly-produced, 25-minute youtube video explaining this is difficult viewing, but admirably rigorous theology.
fred phelps, friend of the gays jay michaelson march 19, 2014

typically and admirably, versace models move with a strong, confident grace.
milan’s day-glo exuberance robin givhan september 25, 2011

historical examples

his life has been admirably written by his friend james boswell.
biographical outlines anonymous

i bought ’em cheap, at a sale the other day, and they’ll come in admirably.
the life and adventures of nicholas nickleby charles d-ckens

all three are admirably adapted for the purposes of this chinese-smuggling outfit.
the radio boys on secret service duty gerald breckenridge

how admirably you expressed to him all that has been boiling in my own heart so long!
the three cities trilogy, complete emile zola

i hear the cantata was admirably sung and won the emperors approval.
the life & letters of peter ilich tchaikovsky modeste tchaikovsky

deserving or inspiring admiration; excellent

1590s, from admirable + -ly (2).

mid-15c., “worthy of admiration,” from middle french admirable (old french amirable), from latin admirabilis “admirable, wonderful,” from admirari “to admire” (see admiration). in early years it also carried a stronger sense of “awe-inspiring.”

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