that may be allowed or conceded; allowable:
an admissible plan.
capable or worthy of being :
admissible evidence.
contemporary examples

if somehow the tsarnaev brothers were detected by a drone, would that be admissible in court?
when drones come to america, what happens then? miranda green may 17, 2013

and for sarkozy, whether his presidential diaries are admissible as evidence or protected by his presidential immunity is key.
new phone-tapping scandal plagues sarkozy tracy mcnicoll march 13, 2014

such statements are often admissible under exceptions to the law that otherwise forbids the use of hearsay at trial.
drew peterson’s cold heart wendy murphy may 7, 2009

historical examples

when the use of a spiral connecting-tube is not admissible the difficulty is considerably increased.
the methods of gl-ss blowing and of working silica in the oxy-gas flame w. a. shenstone

will the evidence of your own jefferson, on this point, be admissible?
the works of whittier, volume vii (of vii) john greenleaf whittier

no other food is admissible, and the return to solids must, if the animal survives, be very gradual.
the dog d-nks, mayhew, and hutchinson

nor can there be anything human that is not, in some connexion or other, admissible into art.
a dish of orts george macdonald

no question was admissible which tended to elicit information or a positive declaration from the respondent.
aristotle george grote

but this the parallel of leontes suggested, but not admissible.
history of england from the fall of wolsey to the death of elizabeth. vol. ii. james anthony froude

it is a war of all against one—a merciless war, in which all means of attack are admissible.
the jews of barnow karl emil franzos

able or deserving to be considered or allowed
deserving to be admitted or allowed to enter
(law) (esp of evidence) capable of being or bound to be admitted in a court of law

1610s, from middle french admissible, from past participle stem of latin admittere (see admit). legal sense is recorded from 1849.

a description of a search algorithm that is guaranteed to find a minimal solution path before any other solution paths, if a solution exists. an example of an admissible search algorithm is a- search.

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