to caution, advise, or counsel against something.
to reprove or scold, especially in a mild and good-willed manner:
the teacher admonished him about excessive noise.
to urge to a duty; remind:
to admonish them about their obligations.
contemporary examples

he spoke to his co-defendant throughout the hearing despite the admonishment of the female judge.
london’s islamic vigilantes plead guilty nico hines november 11, 2013

historical examples

naturally she gained more by yielding herself to jim’s caresses than by any direct advice or admonishment.
the border legion zane grey

“no, we can’t sit still,” they cry, heedless of her admonishment.
through the gates of old romance w. jay mills

she flushed violently and obeyed judge townsend’s admonishment that she must answer all of marvin’s questions.
lightnin’ frank bacon

and so it went, hardly a man escaping without some admonishment.
the plastic age percy marks

it was evidently in their blood, for nothing, no amount of teaching and admonishment, could get them out of it.
christopher and columbus countess elizabeth von arnim

the priest began his admonishment in a dry, expressionless voice, as though he did not believe what he said.
the german lieutenant and other stories august strindberg

after this admonishment the minister requested the first five on the first form to stay behind.
married august strindberg

stupidly enough, the man comprehended some part of his admonishment.
the day of days louis joseph vance

verb (transitive)
to reprove firmly but not harshly
to advise to do or against doing something; warn; caution

mid-14c., amonesten “remind, urge, exhort, warn, give warning,” from old french amonester (12c.) “urge, encourage, warn,” from vulgar latin -admonestare, from latin admonere “bring to mind, remind, suggest;” also “warn, advise, urge,” from ad- “to” (see ad-) + monere “advise, warn” (see monitor (n.)).

the -d- was restored on latin model. the ending was influenced by words in -ish (e.g. astonish, abolish). related: admonished; admonishing.

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