attractive young man, athletic, s-xy, great body, nice, genuine, sweet, hes the whole package,huge p-n-s,a good guy!great at s-x! just awesome!
d-mn lokk at adrien!
adrien is cool!
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the most beautiful woman in the entire world. she knows just how to make people happy, especially her boyfriend 🙂
wow, look at adrien, she’s looking s-xy today!
a perverted but funny guy who’s really tall and has poo-poo eyes. he’s a cool, laid back dude but blames everyone when he’s in deep sh-t.
ex: i just got blamed by adrien for something i didn’t even do! he is such a blamer.

ex: ewwwww adrien!!! i did not need to know what the procedures of s-x!!!
a puddle of menstrual fluid.
can be found in plastic underwear, but also other places.
as she awoke, suzy was surprised to find an adrien on her bed sheets.

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