in past; in a former ; previously.
former; previous.
historical examples

sing now, as aforetime to rameses, how, and of what should he sing?
punch, or the london charivari, vol. 108, march 16, 1895 various

and you too, o priam, i have heard that you were aforetime happy.
the iliad homer

soon sand will cover what remains, and the salt bush will be supreme as aforetime.
down under with the prince everard cotes

he was alert and enthusiastic now, where aforetime he was p-ssive and plucky.
the brentons anna chapin ray

aforetime, in the wild land between normandy and bretaigne, there dwelt a mighty lord who was of much great fame.
tales from the old french various

and she answered, as she had aforetime,—‘i would he would come!’
robin tremayne emily sarah holt

there stood the grimy wagon shop from which a hammer was ringing cheerily, like the chirp of a cricket,—just as aforetime.
a son of the middle border hamlin garland

for how little hath happed that ever i looked for aforetime!
joyce morrell’s harvest emily sarah holt

see thou to it; but from me shalt thou have but good even as hath been aforetime; so bewray me not.’
capitals of the northlands ian c. hannah

there cannot be anything in esse in man that was not aforetime in posse in nature.
of walks and walking tours arnold haultain

(archaic) formerly

early 15c., “before the present, in the past,” from afore + time (n.).

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