historical examples

what all that afric’s golden rivers roll, her odorous woods, and shining ivory stores?
harper’s magazine, vol iii, june 1851 various

here, too, might be seen the swarthy saracen, with wares from spain and afric 34.
harold, complete edward bulwer-lytton

androcles returned at rome the civilities which he had received from him in the deserts of afric.
heads and tales various

the only man in all our burning afric who ever taught my bosom how to love!
the inflexible captive hannah more

some voices were singing an afric wail of forsaken love and death.
wounds in the rain stephen crane

what the devil did i mean, to play with this brunette of afric?
dryden’s works vol. 3 (of 18) john dryden

the river water, by the way, is a muddy yellow now and leaves a deep deposit of afric’s golden sand in your gl-ss or basin.
ladysmith h. w. nevinson

allee want to get to afric, and dem as not belong to cape town ship for dere own country.
my danish sweetheart, volume 3 of 3 william clark russell

once it was a phocæan village, and hook-nosed afric folk had stepped through on long, thin feet.
the wind bloweth brian oswald donn-byrne

in the original book: et indi occident, et afric meridionali.
a monograph on the sub-cl-ss cirripedia (volume 2 of 2) charles darwin


1580s, from latin africus (see africa).

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