alexander, 1835–1910, u.s. oceanographer and marine zoologist, born in switzerland.
his father, (jean) louis (rodolphe)
[zhahn lwee raw-dawlf] /ʒɑ̃ lwi rɔˈdɔlf/ (show ipa), 1807–73, u.s. zoologist and geologist, born in switzerland.
elizabeth cabot cary, 1822–1907, u.s. author and educator, a founder and the first president (1894–1903) of radcliffe college.
lake, a lake existing in the prehistoric pleistocene epoch in central n america. 700 miles (1127 km) long.
historical examples

i shall have it nearly all reprinted in “silliman’s journal” as a nut for ag-ssiz to crack.
more letters of charles darwin charles darwin

this was in the summer of 1873, and ag-ssiz died the december following.
the works of whittier, volume ii (of vii) john greenleaf whittier

i could never explain the case in time to get the eggs to ag-ssiz.
the face of the fields dallas lore sharp

but it is when lulla has undertaken to investigate a tin of sweets that she most suggests ag-ssiz.
lotus buds amy carmichael

ag-ssiz at once confirmed my suspicion that the ichthyolites of the old red sandstone were intermediate.
the world’s greatest books – volume 15 – science various

this same view has since been maintained by ag-ssiz and others.
on the origin of species charles darwin

only old age does that; and old age would never have got those turtle eggs to ag-ssiz.
the face of the fields dallas lore sharp

ag-ssiz is said by vogt to have seen segmentation in the perch as early as 1831.
form and function e. s. (edward stuart) russell

of course it would have been easy to recall ag-ssiz, or to hold another meeting for the purpose.
the missing link in modern spiritualism a. leah underhill

ag-ssiz was one of the most remarkable teachers of science that ever lived.
american men of mind burton e. stevenson

jean louis rodolphe (ʒɑ̃ lwi rɔdɔlf). 1807–73, swiss natural historian and geologist, settled in the us after 1846
swiss-born american naturalist whose studies of glaciers and their movement introduced the idea of the ice age in 1840. ag-ssiz later revolutionized science education in the united states by emphasizing direct observation of the natural environment.

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