“greatest gift” or “only good can come from this” are two translations for the proper name ahdia. ahdia is kind and loving. her name is the feminine version of carpe diem (seize the day), it means go with goddess when taken literally in spanish. giving thanks for each moment we are in the presence of ahdia – we are always well cared for by her. loving us is something inherent in her as she lives for others as she lives for herself. she loves her mother. she honors the earth and the father. ahdia has a talent for music and song…she can hear very well and may even hear into outer and inner worlds with greater ease than most. she is both blessed and a blessing.
“ahdia came over yesterday and cleaned my whole house while she watched the kids!”

“ahdia is the only one i can think of who can do this.”

“i love that new song ahdia is always singing.”

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