ahmad kutom

ahmad is a g.o.a.t that is incredibly s-xy and funny. ahmad kutom is the name of a man that has a mind that in a way controls everything around him and makes anything he feels think doing become a reality. ahmad’s mind is amazing and thinks like a complete bad-ss whenever he’s in a bad mood he will never actually care and he will change into a mood of a savage. ahmad kutom is also extremely good at basketball and also every sport. but basketball is his main sport. ahmad kutom is a special kind of human on planet earth special meaning great power by the hands of allah or god. ahmad’s kutom surprisingly is not very good with people skills the reason why is because he is more use to having talks in his mind and people to him do not look to him as he does to himself also because he is an introvert. when people see ahmad or try to talk to him they will always try to imitate him because of how cool he is. very attractive and hot girls will always see ahmad and always think and dream about sleeping with him but having a girlfriend to ahmad seems like a waste of time and money. but ahmad does see beautiful hot girls as h-rny and hot. ahmad also has a incredibly long p-n-s size.
ahmad kutom is a goat

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