she’s awesome
she’s a emjae

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  • mia brianne

    a mia brianne is very creative. she will surprise you on how many diys she can think about. she is verrrrryyyy beautiful. her eyes are so pretty. she would make for a perfect girlfriend. she also is loving and caring. a mia brianne is perfect. mia brianne, a amazing beauty.

  • zarrakon

    coolest f-cker on the entire internet i f-cking love zarrakon.

  • aiden kostecke

    the awesomest person who has ever lived on this planet. aiden kostecke is super awesome.

  • snapwhipped

    when an individual only snapchats their significant other and leaves everyone else on opened. boy 1: why do you always leave me on open but you always reply to your girlfriend? boy 2: i don’t know i’m just not good at snapchat. boy 1: nah, you’re snapwhipped.

  • niggaligo

    the opposite of vitiligo, which is a skin condition that causes someone to lose skin pigment often in random splotches. n-gg-ligo is random dark pigment splotches on lighter skin. 1: “what’s wrong with that guy? a skin condition or something?” 2: “yeah, he got n-gg-ligo”

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