the most amazing and beautiful star in the sky. had a rough past but found the right guy who can make her forget about anybody who treated her wrong and wants to live his life with her and tells her she’s adorable every day and tells her he loves her. completely faithful and the life of every partay!!
girl-“look at them! they’re perfect together”
guy- “yea, she’s a real aide”
another word for -ssistants, helpers, etc.

shouldn’t be used in public speaking, as it can confuse people with aids.
when jared fogle told everyone that he used aides to help him lose all of that weight, along with making a program to give aides to everyone, he was sentenced to execution.
don’t get confused with aids.
although its super funny
i have, aides. so are you b-mmed?
am i b-mmed?!?! i slept with you!

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