usually very timid and shy, doesn’t like people normally. tends to freak out at the smallest things. people tend to think of a p-ssy b-tch when they think of an aileen.
“dude, i don’t want to go to practice tonight, i’m too tired”

“bro! don’t be an aileen!”
a person who is not afraid to go out on da dance flo’ and shake dat thang.
“daymmn who is that chick breakin’ it down ova there?”
“obviously an aileen…!”
a girl who is self- concious, funny, sweet, exceptionally comp-ssionate and usually brings light to others. the name aileen mean’s “light”. commonly mispr-nounced as alien, a-leen, or eileen. (i-leen)
aw that girl is such an aileen!
the most wonderful, perfect, bundle of sunshine. she is mature, beautiful, and incredibly lucky. like an irish sunrise.

she has a soulmate who adores her.
will you marry me, aileen?
the s-xay mama with a kim kardashian b-tt. she’s the best girl in the world and knows how to work it!! all the boys love her
girl #1: who’s that girl?

guy #1: that’s the best girl in the world, aileen!!

everyone: agreed.
a mom who is awesome crazy weird lovable funny and amazing she is on person you can count on and you won’t regret meeting her
aileen is awesome
aileen is a a very funny girl that has a good sence of humor. she has an outrageous laugh and personality. aileen will be shy when she first meets you then you will see how crazy she is. warning: aileens are almost always irish and take things personally so if you mess with them they will slam you.

almost always mispr-nounced as eileen i; leen and close friends call her alien as a joke.
omg aileen is the

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