aim speak

a shorthand form of writing with abbreviations and acronyms used online either to send incognito messages to friends or to type something when you’re lazy.

“lol” – laugh out loud; used in funny situations
“lmao” (or lmf–) – laugh my -ss out
“gg no re” – good game no rematch (what the h-ll?!)
“brb” – be right back

and random stuff like that

not to be said in real life the way it is spelled. if you do, you’re a loser.
“dude lol lmf– rofl!!!”
“stop speakin aim speak in real life n00b!”
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the term used to describe the online language f-ggots who are too lazy to type out the entire word use.
aim speak:
“omg liek i can’t w8 2 c u!”
“lol wtf wuz dat?!”
a term used by idiotic teenage girls who think the term for netspeak is aim speak
idiot 1- lol that’s sooo funny
idiot 2- oh my god, quit using aim speak in real life
me- oh my god you f-gs it’s called netspeak

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