a cool person, very fun and outgoing, always can cheer you up in a bad mood, makes the rainy sky’s go away to reveal a wonderful rainbow
that girl is the best i totally want to be an aimree

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  • Strung Tight

    a way for a dude to say he’s h-rny without being direct guy 1: yo i keep getting touched in my crotch by this girl. guy 2: wow, really? guy 1: yeah, i’ve been strung tight all week!

  • Chinsaku

    chinsaku is a legendary beat maker “d-mn this beat is straight chinsaku!”

  • damn daniel

    d-mn daniel or d-mn….anybody’s name. means that a person wears white vans over and over again “d-mn daniel back at it again with them white vans”. a white boy who always wears vans “d-mn daniel back at it again with the white vans!” a boy back at it again with the white vans. “d-mn daniel […]

  • jonty lee

    man with the world’s biggest p-n-s is that at jonty lee??

  • hesi

    hesitation move in which you cause your opponent to fall over and lose his ankles. chef curry: i gave him a hesi and he dropped hard to the ground man!! le-brick: daaaaaaaaaamn curry; last time something like that dropped, world war ii ended!

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