a beautiful girl that has talents and is the nices girl you could ever meet she is kind and supper friendly❣️
your a kind of airene

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  • Real Dude Hours

    real n-gg- hours for white dudes who are too p-ssy to say n-gg-. jamal: hey, peter, what time is it?! peter: uhhh… jamal: reallll… peter: real dude hours?? jamal: white -ss b-tch-boy. good for you.

  • hog blossoms

    fat b-tches who go to concerts hours early to save a spot and then get mad when they begin to get tired and skinny s-xy ladies begin to needle their way through thus ensuring that they will not get to touch a rockstar are called hog blossoms. girl: “i just shook that rockstar’s hand! yay!!” […]

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    a guy with huge muscles. he goes to the gym on mondays, wednesdays and sat-rdays. he tries to eat the -ss, but is constantly unsuccesful. yeah, he’s a real anton takashi! but i wouldnt let him eat my -ss…

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    the center of pleasure stimulation for some women i rub my cl-torous when i -j-c-l-t-.

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    when you make yourself c-m so good that you need to go to a major restaurant chain and buy yourself breakfast . wow .. i needed that ..i totally grandslammed .. see you in an hour i’m starving .

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