Alabama Man

hes quick, he’s strong, he’s handsome!
alabama man was on southpark the other night!
one who lacks manners and common courtesy. usually somone who drinks heavily and uses profane language. in certain cases this person could be a wife beater or child abuser. commonly nick-named “retro.” prefers busch beer and bowling to spending time with family members.
d-mnit derek’s dad is such an alabama man!

he’s quick he’s strong he’s active, alabama man

look out for that alabama man, he’s trashed riding a scooter down the side walk
a person who wears wifebeaters all the time and is actually from alabama. you know your an alabama man if you wear wifebeaters,carry a shotgun, and your from alabama. your also an alabama man if you pr-nounce naked like necked and also if you pr-nounce water like wooder
south park creators who created alabama man
1> racist
2> redneck
3> trailer park trash
4> a lazy idiot
5> a drunk
not a generalisation… definition based on conversations with a alabama man.

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