1. the ultimate definition of male beauty.

2. a very s-xy, yet slightly geeky guy.

3. a cutie-b-m/baby-b-m/s-xy-b-m.

4. a british male with a large bottom.
daaamn, you as hot as an alain!

that alain just swept me off my feet!

i wish i could have an alain like yours!
a very s-xy, yet slightly geeky guy with a cute b-m. can make boring stuff funny such as computer programs. has a weird sense of humour that suprises many who think him quiet.
alain, you s-xy geek
a lost emirate in the united arab emirates that happens to be invisible to most one really cares about al-ain since it is not dubai.
ahmad: hey do u want to go to al ain?
rozy: what? do you want to rape me or something?
ahmad: no its part of the uae
rozy: i would much rather stay in civilization
1)a total f-ckhead
2)an act that involves the tying up of one’s best friend, to make them watch you have s-x with their girlfriend
1)wow, look at that ginormous alain!
2)dude, i totally got alained last night

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