a unique beauty also a mysterious women, loves to rip n-gg-s sadly she really isn’t that funny but it’s a charm. they are also super obsessed with males with the name ricky or richard because they have great d-ck also funny
alazey isn’t alazey w/out ___ ?

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  • dranch

    to drench in ranch aka shane dawson’s wet dream tim: omg the f-cking dranched my burger shane: gimme to soak or marinate food in ranch dressing drench + ranch. he dranched his taco

  • pinocchio nose

    1.) a nose so long it can double as a p-n-s. 2.) disney creators of the 1940’s cl-ssic, denied allegations that they purposely made the character have an extremely large nose, similar to the length and girth of a p-n-s, in an attempt to de-sentsitize and give pedophiles the “upper hand” in regard to small […]

  • a redneck reunion

    when many members of the same family have an orgy my cousins came over and we had a redneck reunion

  • tom's potato

    a type of bird with no legs, beak or tail. that tom’s potato was lit.

  • wonderworry

    it’s where you wonder if you should worry. im starting to wonderworry about you.

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