edward, born 1928, u.s. playwright.
contemporary examples

as always in albee, the play features family turmoil and a good dose of alcohol.
fall broadway preview: ‘this is our youth,’ bradley cooper as ‘the elephant man,’ and more janice kaplan september 10, 2014

the regent movie theater, albee square mall, and [record store] beat street are all gone.
big daddy kane: the hip-hop mc on las supper, madonna, jay-z, and what’s next curtis stephen april 15, 2013

historical examples

and if albee were a superman the problem of her life was solved.
manslaughter alice duer miller

mrs. albee has aimed, not to reproduce oriental effects, but to have the designs original and distinctive.
rugs: oriental and occidental, antique & modern rosa belle holt

“you make me very proud, very happy when you talk like that,” said albee.
manslaughter alice duer miller

excellent suggestions by miss albee for color schemes in stripes may be found on pages 64 and 65.
hand-loom weaving mattie phipps todd

most women would have accepted albee as first-rate, but she knew he wasn’t.
manslaughter alice duer miller

i know it—in certain cases: anyhow i should be afraid to read my own letters to mr. albee over again.
the life and letters of lafcadio hearn, volume 2 elizabeth bisland

miss bennett did not know where albee was, and her tone indicated that she did not greatly care.
manslaughter alice duer miller

do you know that i had a dim notion always that mr. albee was a millionaire,—or at least a very wealthy dilettante?
the life and letters of lafcadio hearn, volume 2 elizabeth bisland

edward. born 1928, us dramatist. his plays include who’s afraid of virginia woolf? (1962), seascape (1975), marriage play (1986), three tall women (1990), and goat (2004)

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