[ee-sah-ahk;; english ahy-zuh k] /ˌi sɑˈɑk;; english ˈaɪ zək/ (show ipa), 1860–1909, spanish composer and pianist.
historical examples

yet he is modern, in the sense that he is intellectual and anti-sentimental, as compared with albeniz.
the london mercury, vol. i, nos. 1-6, november 1919 to april 1920 various

mr. rubinstein succeeded in making the albeniz pieces not only poetical but lyrical.
the london mercury, vol. i, nos. 1-6, november 1919 to april 1920 various

here begin the difficulties of understanding even albeniz and granados.
the london mercury, vol. i, nos. 1-6, november 1919 to april 1920 various

the spanish80 composers, albeniz and granados, frequently employ national dance rhythms in their pieces.
music: an art and a language walter raymond spalding

isaac (isaˈak). 1860–1909, spanish composer; noted for piano pieces inspired by folk music, such as the suite iberia

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