josef, 1888–1976, u.s. painter, born in germany.
historical examples

albers has, however, experimented on frogs, and found that in doses of ·1 to ·2 grm.
poisons: their effects and detection alexander wynter blyth

summer camp among the redwood trees across the creek from albers’ place, opposite the mouth of lacks cr.
california athabascan groups martin a. baumhoff

on the sixth day nancy sat up for a while during miss albers’ hour and a half off.
tutors’ lane wilmarth lewis

miss albers, fortunately one of the few surviving members of the good nurse family, saw the situation immediately.
tutors’ lane wilmarth lewis

josef. 1888–1976, us painter, designer, and poet, born in germany. his works include a series of abstract paintings ent-tled homage to the square

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