a person (usually of hispanic decent) who is very overly self-confident with woman and is a party animal who likes to dance but is also very attractive and athletic. this person also says some of the most ridicuous and dumb but funny statements at random times and loves to have fun. most of all, this person is incredibly unpredictable and will use his athletic abilities to do dumb-ss but hilarious things.
i think he had alot to drink and is having a good time acting like a crazy m-f- with the ladies. he sure is acting like an alberto tonight.
a male of hispanic decent. is a funny relaxed guy that likes to get the attention of not one but many females. though alberto may seem like a player or tool he is a faithful fun loving character who will never cheat. he may sometimes come off as a douche bag but inside he is probably the most sensitive and loving guy you will meet. he says a lot of random stuff and only wants people to like him.
guy 1: there he goes acting like a tool again..
guy 2: yeah, if only people knew who alberto actually is.
the most amazing guy you will ever have the chance to talk to. a guy that is typically of hispanic/ mexican decent. is athletic and very smart. he is loyal and caring when it comes to friends. he is extremely handsome and can play different instruments. many girls want to be with him. he knows the value of his own greatness. tends to be self-confident and social. at first he may seem quiet, but once you get to know him, you realize what you have been missing out on. tells the funniest stories and can make your day better with his bright smile. the sweetest guy you will ever meet. getting to know him is an adventure. seeing him around is breath-taking. girls are jealous of the girls he talks to. guys are jealous because he is always surrounded by girls. he rarely has a girlfriend though.
“hey that guy is so sweet and cute!”
“yeah, that’s alberto! <3 " alberto or albert is someone who people get along with easily. considerate. good hearted and calm and under control. knows what they want in life and goes for it. likes to have a good time and would go perfect with a girl who is energetic and likes to have fun. albert is very easy going. very funny, likes to joke. if you ever need alberto /albert to keep you balenced or relax maybe watch a movie go out to eat. then this is him the act of acting like alberto the most bad-ss troublmakin son of a b**** out there. funny as h-ll. daredevilish att-tude "d-mn he's following the legendary alberto footsteps" a flying hamster. dude 1: look! up in the sky, it's a bird. dude 2: no! it's a plane. dude 3: nah man, that's just alberto. dude 1: what's an alberto? dude 3: alberto is a flying hamster. dude 2: you mean a hamster with wings? dude 3: yes. dude 1: but i didnt know hamsters can fly. dude 3: that is because you are r-t-rded. dude 2: are there more of these "alberto"? dude 3: nope, this is the only one left.alberto: (flying in circles) squeak, squeak 1. noun - a surprisingly c-cky member of the male species. he's very sarcastic and watches much more television than typically recommended. he has an incredible brain which is only matched with his charm. he is a complete dork, but it only adds to his cuteness. this is a boy you fall in love with.2. adjective - something totally lame dude 1: alberto has all the game.dude 2: it's cuz he's so awesome.-----dude 1: *trips* dude 2: that was so alberto.

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