a mayor having judicial powers.
historical examples

to the first worldly shelter you sought—the peon’s hut or the alcalde’s casa—you would have thought it necessary to bring a story.
the crusade of the excelsior bret harte

so did the young alcalde, sympathetically seated at her side.
the crusade of the excelsior bret harte

this he succeeded in doing, by begging the alcalde for a real to buy bread with!
wood rangers mayne reid

the alcalde’s wife talked incessantly and was not wanting in humor.
dona perfecta b. perez galdos

the alcalde laboriously bent one knee and wagged his head in a disgusted manner, while the alferez looked pale and penitent.
the social cancer jos rizal

the alcalde and the secretary and the judge have been removed from office?
dona perfecta b. perez galdos

when vespers ended he returned to the house of the alcalde, where he was quartered.
library of the world’s best literature, ancient and modern, vol 3 various

this young man was the right hand of the alcalde—his name gregorio cagatinta.
wood rangers mayne reid

that same day the governor and alcalde and their suites were bidden to a farewell banquet on board the luxurious yacht.
carmen ariza charles francis stocking

the other pensive wanderer was cagatinta, of whom the alcalde had again taken the advantage.
wood rangers mayne reid

(in spain and spanish america) the mayor or chief magistrate in a town

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