Aldus manutius

[awl-duh s,, al-] /ˈɔl dəs,, ˈæl-/ (show ipa), (teobaldo mannucci or manuzio) 1450–1515, italian printer and cl-ssical scholar.
historical examples

i was then studying law at pisa, and one of my companions in the cl-ss-room was aldus manutius, renowned as a book-collector.
the great book-collectors charles isaac elton and mary augusta elton

t-tle-page of the adagia, printed by aldus manutius in 1508.
erasmus and the age of reformation johan huizinga

in 1875 he published a very learned and elaborate monograph on aldus manutius.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 8, slice 4 various

aldus manutius, who led the revolution, has often been wrongly praised.
fine books alfred w. pollard

as a type-founder he made for aldus manutius the first italic type.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 10, slice 8 various

in 1653 he regretted his inability to find a publisher’s catalogue issued by aldus manutius.
a history of bibliographies of bibliographies archer taylor

it is worthy of note that many of these old english printers were, like aldus manutius, editors as well.
book collecting john herbert slater

aldine, al′dīn, adj. applied to books printed by aldus manutius of venice, in 16th century.
chambers’s twentieth century dictionary (part 1 of 4: a-d) various

the editions printed by aldus manutius the elder are, however, much more valuable than those issued by his descendants.
the new gresham encyclopedia. vol. 1 part 1 various

the invention of what is now called the italic letter in printing was made by aldus manutius, to whom learning owes much.
curiosities of literature, vol. 1 (of 3) isaac d’israeli

1450–1515, italian printer, noted for his fine editions of the cl-ssics. he introduced italic type
see aldus manutius

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